Monday 28 November 2011

DVD review: Red Velvet (2008)

Aaron (Henry Thomas) and Linda (Kelli Garner) have a chance encounter at a laundry mat. Aaron informs Linda that he is a storyteller and then she wants to hear a story. The first one he tells ends up being disappointing. Not ready to give up, he promises her something more disturbing. Using details that she supplies about a birthday party at an isolated cabin she never made it to, Aaron weaves a slasher story featuring a masked killer in a painter’s jumpsuit killing all of Linda's friends. I usually try to stay away from horror/comedy as I do have a problem with mixing the two genres but I´ve been wanting to see Red Velvet ever since I read about it online. The film is directed by Bruce Dickinson and produced by Sean Fernland. Plotwise it´s a interesting and unique concept, I won´t comment further on the look of the killer or the kills as I personally hate spoilers and try my best to keep my blog free from them but the special fx are well made and there is a good dose of the red stuff for you bloodhounds out there.. ;)
It´s a good looking film with very nice visuals, good acting from the ensemble and there is good chemistry between Henry Thomas and Kelli Garner.
Rating: 6½ out of 7. Henry Thomas is great as Aaron and Red Velvet  accomplishes alot with it's low budget. It´s a surprisingly good mix of gore, suspense and comedy so check it out!


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