Tuesday 8 November 2011

DVD review: The Suppressor (2012)

They took the only thing, he would kill for. Now somewhere, somehow, someones gonna pay. When Drug crime is out of control and Corruption is all around. The Suppressor is the only punishment.
The Suppressor is a new vigilante film from the UK, it´s written, produced and directed by Ara Paiaya. He is also sound editor, film editor, has created the visual effects and plays the role of Blake Bradley aka The Suppressor.                       
I have a soft spot for vigilante flicks and I´ve seen many of them. When putting the dvd into my Blu-ray player I frankly didn´t know that to expect as this is the first film by Ara Paiaya that I´ve bought.
The murder of the main characters wife in the beginning is suitable gruesome and sets things in motion, he sends his daughter to a boarding school before setting out on a path of violence and destruction.
The plot is somewhat similar to Death Wish 4 and that´s not a bad thing. It´s well made, the acting is much better than expected, the pacing is good, the actionsequences and especially the display of martial arts are very good. The fights are choreographed by Ara Paiaya and he does his own stunts. Soundtrack is very good and fits the film perfectly.

The Suppressor is available through Amazon.com and The Suppressor website to which I´ve added a link: http://www.thesuppressor.co.uk/ 

Rating: 7 out of 7. Now this was a really nice surprise, the plot has some similarities with Death Wish 4 but The Suppressor is a superior flick in every aspect. I highly recommend it to fans of action/vigilante films. I will keep an eye out for Ara Paiaya.

Now do we dare hope for a The Suppressor 2?



  1. Are you blind & deaf ? ? ? , the acting is horrendous , the pacing is horrendous , the sound quality is horrendous , I live in Aberdeen where it's set and seeing local scenes was about the only enjoyment of movie , I did have many laughs though which is strange as its not a comedy !!?? But laughter was generated by plot and acting

  2. I'm a huge supporter of independent filmmakers. This is a great film, great revenge story with some classic action scenes. It was recently remade with Sony Pictures on board with a 5 million USD budget starring Lou Ferrigno with the title Instant Death. http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/instantdeath/ Not to mention the 20 million USD action extravaganza the came after The Suppressor called Skin Traffik with an all star cast. Now there's the upcoming Game of Thrones spoof called Purge of Kingdoms. I can't wait to see what's next... The only laughs here I think are the ones to the bank!!!