Saturday 2 February 2013

DVD review: Invasion for Flesh and Blood (Video 1994)

A soccer mom is turned into a cyborg alien killing machine on the hunt for extraterrestrials hell-bent on destroying the human race. With a trusty teenage Metalhead at her side, the fate of the world is held in the balace, as sexual tension oozes from the once-human, now soulless, creature killer. Invasion for Flesh and Blood is written, produced, shot, edited and directed by Warren F. Disbrow. First of all, I´m skeptic to the data supplied by IMDB concerning the year it was made, according to Warren F. Disbrow website Invasion for Flesh and Blood started shooting a few months after Flesheaters from outer space and it is a direct sequel. Some of the people who worked on the first returns in this sequel and yes that means we get more bad acting. The camerawork and editing is okay. There´s a fair amount of flashbacks, re-using footage from the first movie, in this. We get a lot of splatter, monsters and more intentional humour in this, some of it works while some of it is just too silly. But suddenly we get a scene where a young girl is on a date with a somewhat older man, they´re talking and she realizes that he isn´t the nice guy that he pretended to be. And this where I got caught off guard, the scene where he torments her, forces her to suck his dick and later attacks her viciously with a straight razor (gory stuff here) as she tries to flee is so out of place, it feels like it belongs in another much much darker movie. I´m pretty sure that most unsuspecting viewers expecting a monster flick will be a bit startled by that scene. It´s not for the squemish. Invasion for Flesh and Blood is gory although there are a few off screen kills. The quality of the fx varies but some of the gore looks good considering that this was made on a very tight budget. Even if the monsters are buttugly I still love them, partly due to the fact that it is a man in suit monster design.There is some T & A in this.
This review is based on the region all (Region 0) DVD release from Troma Entertainment.
Rating: 1½ out of 7. Invasion for Flesh and Blood is pretty decent entertainment for the moment but it´s a bit odd, we get maneating monsters on the prowl, cyborgs, comedy and out of the blue we get a scene that could have been taken from Eric Stanze´s hardhitting and truly frightening movie Scrapbook (2000) .


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