Sunday, 30 October 2011

DVD review: The Hood Has Eyez (Video 2007)

Good little catholic schoolgirl Kimmy (Cyd Schulte) and her friends have cut class to attend a party somewhere in "The Hood". Making a wrong turn down an alley way, they accidentally hit a pedestrian that is covered in blood and wearing nothing but her bra and panties. Fleeing on foot out of fear, they're captured and assaulted by a psychotic group of thugs led by a sadistic street thug by the name Psycho (Antonio Royuela). Driven insane by the horrific degradation, sexual molestation and mutilation of herself and her friends, Kimmy seeks revenge on the gangsters in the most excessively brutal and outrageously gruesome ways imaginable, leaving a trail of blood and entrails.
This micro-budget rape/revenge nastiness is written, directed, photographed and edited by Terrence Williams have taken inspiration from "Last House on the Left" and "The Hills Have Eyes" and put the characters in a more urbanized setting. Even if it is set in the inner city, The Hood Has Eyez certainly feels like a backwoods horror movie.
All the school girls look much older than they are intended to be ( they are all in their 30s). As expected the acting quality varies but Antonio Royuela is quite good as the very nasty and vile Psycho. Some sequences are really unpleasant to sit through, a couple of scenes are over the top. Make no misstake about it this is a bleak viewing experience from start to finish and there are only losers in this flick...
In total contrast to the nasty tone that predominate the film there is a hilarous scene where Kimmy ties a bra around her forehead (in Rambo fashion) before going on a killing spree but the film is soon back on track as Kimmy gets off on the killing and becomes progressively more and more sadistic..
The gore effects are few and amateurish but quite nasty with a backyard abortion and gential torture on display. 

Most people will probably not tolerate this micro-budget flick but if you are a fan of independent flicks which Í am you should check it out.
Rating: 4 out of 7. I was NOT disappointed, this is a sleazy, sinister, sadistic and offensive little film. We get vile characters, inhuman nature and repulsive set-pieces. For the most part it is pretty entertaining if you have a open mind and have a soft spot for independent flicks. I´m looking forward to Terrence Williams next effort.


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