Friday, 28 October 2011

DVD review: Bleading Lady (2010)

Bleading Lady (previously known as "Star Vehicle") is the latest flick from Ryan Nicholson to get a dvd release. Short tempered Donald Cardini  (Dan Ellis) works as the set driver for the crew of a low-budget horror film shoot. Donald is a huge fan of the leading lady, scream queen actress Riversa Red (Sindy Faraguna). Donald is used to be abused by spoiled stars and arrogant directors and is a ticking time-bomb. Donald´s behaviour isolates him most of the crew, except for Riversa whom he worships. Riversa tells him she is being pursued by a stalker and Donald takes it upon himself to protect her. He´s deadly serious on protecting his queen, tormented by his own paranoid fantasies and with his violent temper things soon turn fatal.
First if you are expecting the usual non-stop gorefeast you are most likely will be disappointed, some of the violence happens off screen but don´t worry. Bleading Lady is extremely gory in places and there is a  awesome beheading which is incredibly gruesome and gory.
Dan Ellis is excellent but otherwise the acting ranges from acceptable to pretty bad but it´s acceptable in a low budget feature like this. We only get to learn to know the main characters Donald and Riversa, the others are superficial characters, some pf them are irritating and unlikable and only serve one purpose which is to be killed...
The film has a pretty slow pacing, which some viewers might find quite boring but I find nothing wrong it. 
In Germany and certain other countries, the film is still titled "Star Vehicle". 

Rating: 5½ out of 7. Bleading Lady does deliver but it´s not as over-the-top gory or nasty as you might expect, instead he has a cohesive plot which I like. I'm will be checking out Nicholson's previous films in the near future.


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