Tuesday, 18 October 2011

DVD review: The Cellar Door (2007)

Herman (James Dumont) stalks Rudy (Michelle Tomlinson) and her mate Christa along a day and a night and finally he chooses Rudy to be his next victim. He breaks in their house and kidnaps Rudy, bringing her to the basement of his house where he holds her captive in a wooden cage. 
Sadly the film is pretty predictable with irritating camera work but the cinematography is good.

For a horror/suspense flick it´s a bit odd that The Cellar Door creates no tension OR any scary moments
The acting is acceptable, its not bad but Michelle Tomlinson, in my opinion, overacted in places and underacted in others. She´s just not good at portraying emotions and I get the impression that it´s been more important for Rudy to "look good" than appear realistic. Even though she's crying, sweating and starving in a cage for days, her make-up for instance stays in place.

James Dumont (who also serves as co-producer on the movie) is pretty good as Herman but he is a clichéd caricature of an abductor who on the surface is a seemingly normal and timid guy but under the surface is a deranged and violent man.
Rating: 2 out of 7. All in all, The Cellar Door did not live up to my expectations. This type of flick has been done before, and better (see Scrapbook which is superior in every way).

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