Monday 3 June 2013

Update: Taking a summer break

As you´ve noticed I have not posted any new reviews or interviews in a while. This is because I'm taking a summer break but there will be some minor updates, when I get around. The blog is meant as a hobby but I have reached a point where it feels like it's not just for fun anymore, I spend much of my spare time and a lot of money on the blog (only a fraction of what I'm reviewing are screeners, DVDs that I get sent to me or online screeners that I have access to, the rest I buy). Please note that the blog's not abandoned, but I will come back but I just need to think about what role it should play in my life.



  1. Good work, man. Looking forward to your return but a hobby should be fun, first and foremost. Hope you get your fire back, but know it can't be forced. Just wanted to let ya know I appreciate what ya do.


  2. I'm looking forward to your return, have a great summer break.