Wednesday 14 August 2013

Review: Post Mortem, America 2021 (2013)

First I´d like to thank actress Michelle Shields for contacting me and providing me with a screener.
The year is 2021. The Apocalypse has begun and the damned are returning for vengeance. Lucille (Linnea Quigley) spent five years in hell awaiting the chance to kill those who betrayed her. Her murderer is a brutal crime boss whose thugs terrorize the wasteland now. With Lucille back from the dead, will any of them live long enough to see the end of days?  Post Mortem, America 2021 is produced, edited, written and directed by Cameron Scott. The acting ranges from bad to decent, I´ve never been a big fan of Linnea Quigley even if I like some of her work (especially Savage Streets) and I´m pretty sure that her fans will appreciate her performance in this flick more than I did. I´m a self confessed fan of Michelle Shields, who plays Suze, but in my opinion she doesn´t have enough screentime. She´s one of the best performers in this and I do like the fact that she´s plays a ruthless killer which is quite a contrast compared to her role in Frankenstein: Day of the Beast (2011). The camerawork and editing is decent, the artistic choice by the filmmakers to release the flick in black and white is a nice touch. The pacing is pretty good and the filmmaker deliever what they have stated on the official website, we get a blend of genres such as zombie, science-fiction and western with some touches of comedy. I think I see influences from Quentin Tarantino movies, Alex Proyas The Crow 81994) but also from Ryûhei Kitamura´s Versus (2000). The soundtrack is very good. There´s no T & A in this. There is some gore, people being eaten but most of the gore/squibs are computer rendered. The gory high light is a powerdrill to the head, which actually looks really cool. Some carnage happen off screen and there is one scene where a baby is stuffed into a microwave and is killed by it which could have been truly nasty but now you don´t see anything.
This review is based upon an online screener provided by Michelle Shields.
Rating: 1½ out of 7. Sadly Post Mortem, America 2021 doesn´t live up to its full potential, there are some nice moments in it and there are definitely some very cool ideas. If you´re a fan of Linnea Quigley or Michelle Shields you should check this flick out.


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