Thursday 15 August 2013

DVD review: President's Day (2010)

This year's student council elections are a matter of life and death. It's campaign season and the students of Lincoln High are buzzing about who's going to be class president. But when a psycho dressed as Abraham Lincoln is hacking up students the candidates must run for their lives. One-by-one the mighty Lincoln Lambs are being slaughtered by the merciless maniac in the stovepipe hat. Everyone is dying for a vote. President's Day is written by Jimmy George and Chris LaMartina who also is the director. The acting ranges from pretty good, I really liked Paul Fahrenkopf as detective Kurtz, to pretty bad but I think some of the acting is somewhat intentionally campy as this is after all labeled as a comedy horror. The camerawork and editing is good. The pacing is nice, it´s entertaining and quite funny at times but never really scary. There are a couple of gory kills, obviously the makers of President's Day ain´t afraid too show some carnage, there are some creative kills and I think it is all practical fx. There topless nudity from two actresses, the first scene featuring nudity appears within the first minute of the movie and later on Jesse Layne as Ms. Heath (according to google she´s a professional model specializing in lingerie, implied nudity, bikini, and glamour photos) shows of her breasts.
This review is based upon the region 1 DVD release from SPY Video.
Rating: 6 out of 7. President's Day is a fun and entertaining slasher which delivers what you expect from that genre (nudity, gore and a good body count). Check it out if you´re a fan of the slasher genre!


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