Friday, 16 August 2013

Review: Coyote (2013)


First I´d like to thank Trevor Juenger for contacting me and asking if I´d be interested in reviewing his movie.
An insomniac writer's (Bill Oberst Jr.) sleep-deprived hallucinations distort reality as paranoia drives him to extreme violence. Coyote is written and directed by Trevor Juenger. The acting is very good, yet again Bill Oberst Jr. proves that he´s a force to be reckon with. In my opinion he is one of the most talented and gifted actors in the indie horror genre. Coyote is professionally shot and edited and it is a visually very appealing flick as we follow the main character slow descent into madness, we witness his surrealistic visions where the border between reality and hallucinations becomes blurred. I love the soundtrack which is great! The pacing is very good and the film makers create a unsettling and creepy feeling where it is increasingly difficult to tell what is real and what is delusions. It gets violent and there are some nice gore in this, it´s practical fx and there are also some creature fx (also practical). There is T and A, a sex scene and there is male nudity including brief full frontal.
This review is based upon a screener provided by Trevor Juenger.
Rating: 7 out of 7. I loved Coyote! It´s an amazing flick, it´s well made, well played and a truly horrific ride into ever greater insanity.  Bill Oberst Jr. confirms again how talented he is and I want to see more of Trevor Juenger´s work. Coyote gets my highest recommendations! Make sure to check it out!



  1. Thank you Jörgen, for taking the time to watch the film and for this review. I truly believe that Trevor Juenger is headed for great things. Doing this very strange film with him was an experience that stretched me as an actor and delighted me as a fan. I enjoy your blog.

    very best regards,

    1. Apparently there is a pedophile involved in this film.

      His name is Nick Brian Walters and he moonlights as a prankster in prank groups.

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