Tuesday 3 January 2012

DVD review: Notgeile Knastjulen Zur Unzucht Erzogen (Video 2004)

Jennifer Walter is a psychiatrist. She has spent more than a year locked up in Frauenknast prison. She previously worked for a very famous psychologist who began making sexual advances towards her. She rejected his constant trials and in frustration, he became increasingly anxious and eventually violent. When he tired of being rejected, he had her fired. But when he realized that she could go out in public and talk about his violent sexual orientation, he became afraid and decided to rig a trap for her. he managed to fool the police to believe that she was in the drug business and that is why she now sits in jail. Jennifer is serving her sentence by working as a psychiatrist for the women sharing her ward. After having heard about the horrible sexual assault the guards has subjected them to, she felt that it was her duty to try to help them.
Notgeile Knastjulen Zur Unzucht Erzogen is based on a story, produced and directed by Andreas Bethmann under his pseudonym A.M Bertucci and has been released as part of the Bertucci Classics line by his own DVD company X-Rated. 
In Notgeile Knastjulen Zur Unzucht Erzogen you get sleaze, degradation, sex and lesbian sex in typical Bethmann fashion.
The acting is very poor, with as cast mainly consisting of people from the porn industry that shouldn´t come as a surprise for anybody. But what strikes me as a bit odd is that there are very few actors/actresses in the film that I would regard as attractive or sexy. In this film you get both hetero and gay sex, and it´s perhaps a double standard but the explicit hardcore scenes between two gay men didn´t work at all for me...  The camera work is ok but nothing more than that, the pacing is slow and as with most films of this nature the film quickly becomes repetitive and boring.
The only good thing about Notgeile Knastjulen Zur Unzucht Erzogen is the 1980-synth style soundtrack.
You might note that the plot and the characters also appear in the better and nastier K3: Prison of Hell which I guess is a sort of a sequel to this film.
The review is based on the region 2 DVD released by X-Rated which is uncut and has english subtitles. 
Rating: 0½ out of 7. First of all, if you´re going to make a exploitation film that features lots of nudity and explicit sex you should at least make an effort to cast attractive people. The lack of gratious gore scenes courtesy of Olaf Ittembach´s special fx (which saved K3: Prison of Hell from being a disaster) is also a big letdown.


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