Thursday 7 February 2013

DVD review: Bad Boys - Bad Toys (2007)

Ferdinand (Michael Angenendt ) is in trouble: He happens to fall love with his boss's daughter, and then he get involved in a weapons deal. The police suspects him and he takes a daring decision. With a red Ferrari and a MIG fighter jet he takes on the Russian mafia and their evil leader. His mission: to save the company and his life and find a way to win the heart of his beloved. A grueling battle to the death begins ... Bad Boys - Bad Toys is directed by Jochen Taubert. The acting is bad, but a lot of it is a intentional move of the filmmakers. The camerawork and editing is fairly decent, there is heavy use of stock footage and for the first time ever I got to see footage from a flight simulator computer game (check out the airstrike..) used in a feature movie. This movie is labeled as action but it´s a comedy, there are plenty of pure slapstick comedy on screen. The fightchoreography is intentionally bad and the fights are damn funny, or I´m at least hoping that they´re intentionally bad because otherwise this flick would quite possible have the dubious honour of featuring some of the worst fightchoreography I´ve ever seen. There is very brief and lame gore. There´s gratuitous T & A in the beginning of the movie as several characters are at a strip club/brothel. Some of the women are very attractive and I started wondering if they haven´t shot the beginning at a real stripclub. There isn´t one but two male rape-scenes in this, one featuring the use of a bottle. But don´t worry the scenes are quite lame.
This review is based upon the German region 2 DVD release from Maximum Uncut Productions, it´s uncut and german language only.
Rating: 1 out of 7. It sure isn´t good but it sure does have quite a few funny moments. Some succesful slaptstick comedy, the hilariously bad fightchoreography and the use of stock footage from a flight simulator computer game sure did put a smile on my face.


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