Sunday 10 February 2013

DVD review: 'Gator Bait (1974)

Louisiana steaming bayous hide countless secrets in their Murky, Snake-infested Swamps. One is the beautiful Desiree (Claudia Jennings), whose Animal Magnetism drives men wild and Untamed Cajun Poacher as Savage as the Alligators she traps. The corrupt Sheriff wants her in jail, but his kin have more Lustful Plans. Will thet get her first? Or will Desiree get them? 'Gator Bait is written, produced and directed by Ferd & Beverly Sebastian. The acting is pretty good, the camerawork and editing is good. The backwater/swamp locations are great!  The redneck family are a truly unpleasant bunch of  incestuous and trigger-happy characters. The pacing is fast and furious and there´s hardly a dull moment. It´s not gory but there are some scenes that are pretty unpleasant and one or two that are brutal. Most of the violence is implied and is not graphic. There´s T & A courtesy of  Janit Baldwin and there is two attempted rape sequences.
This review is based upon the region all (Region 0) DVD release from Panama Video.
Rating: 4 out of 7. I´m a sucker for many of the things in this flick, backwater survival, inbred hicks, rape/revenge but I must admit that I was a bit disappointed as it didn´t live up to all the hype and rumours.  It isn't as sleazy as I hoped for but it´s pretty good, it´s shameless good fun. There are a couple of good scenes and a very nice aura of low budget/exploitation charm. Recommended to fans of the exploitation genre.


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