Sunday 17 February 2013

DVD review: Camp Death (2006)

Tension is high at a long deserted summer camp where an independent slasher movie is being filmed.  With the clock counting down and very little time for re-shoots the cast and crew are at each others throats. Literally! What began as minor on-set differences becomes grounds for a unscripted bloodbath. No need for special effects when there is a machete wielding psychopath around. Camp Death is written and directed by Shaun Tisdale. The acting is bad, this flick is shot on a tight shoestring budget and it shows. The image is murky and dark, plenty of shaky camerawork and so on. It isn´t pretty! The minimalistic instrumental soundtrack is effective and creepy. The pacing is furious, the running time is 39 minutes and there ain´t a dull moment. It´s violent, there´s some gore but the image is for the most part too dark and murky to make out any details.  There is gratuitous T & A, there is prolonged girl on girl action in the beginning of the flick and later on there is a prolonged sexscene.
This review is based upon a product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.
Rating: 0½ out of 7. Camp Death is made on a tight budget, which is very evident, from the script to the production values. It has all the necessary slasher trademarks, there's nothing new here but it does have some nice moments, for instance the soundtrack and the pacing. The image is sadly so dark that it’s incredibly hard to tell what’s going on. I can only recommend Camp Death to die hard slasher fans.


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