Friday 15 November 2013

VHS/DVD review: Chainsaw Killer (2013)


VHS Madman Victor McCoy is searching for the ultimate collectors prize in the form of an obscure release called THE FORCE BENEATH, directed by insane film-maker Verner Banks. Victor will go to any lengths to obtain the reclusive tape once he finds the sole owner. Meanwhile, in the town, a madman dressed as the Chainsaw Killer begins a terror filled rampage, slaughtering anyone in his path with the roaring saw! What is the connection between the killer and the lost film? Can the local Sheriff stop the bloodshed? Chainsaw Killer is directed by Mark Polonia (I can´t find any info on who wrote the screenplay). The acting is ranges from uneven to pretty bad, the camerawork and editing is decent.The soundtrack is decent. The concept reminds me somewhat of the bigger budgeted slasher The Hills Run Red (2009). I don´t know, I just get a feeling that I´m watching two movies (which we are in effect doing as our main character spends much of the running time watching THE FORCE BENEATH), my theory is that some of the material has been shot earlier and at a later date they´ve shot new/additional material to complete the movie but that´s just my theory. The pacing is high but there´s just no suspense at all in this, the killer just looks ridiculous as he runs and grunts wielding a chainsaw througout the flick. Some scenes are so silly, but yet kinda funny, one example is when the killer sneaks up on the sheriff who obviously must be deaf. There´s some topless nudity in this. The kills and the gore are a disappointment, there is a lot of aftermath gore fx shots (appears mainly in the form of photos in the beginning) but they seem to be from stock footage/archive material, considering the potential the concept carries with it but I guess it´s safe to bet that the budget for this flick was pretty slim.
This review is based upon the VHS/DVD Deluxe Edition release, limited to 20 units released by Sub Rosa Studios (a picture of the release is included below).
Rating: 1½ out of 7. This was pretty bad, a disappointment especially as I actually appreciated Splatter Farm by the Polonia brothers, a review is of that one is available on this blog. I wish they could have compensated the short comings by pouring on nudity, sleaze and gore.


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