Wednesday 20 November 2013

Review: Infinite Santa 8000 (2013)

First I´d like to thank Midnight Releasing for providing me with a screener.
A thousand years ago the world completely collapsed. Not much remains, except for the mutants, scum, and robo-people. Everyone must kill to survive. Even Santa. It is the year 8000. War, famine, and disease have ravaged the earth, transforming it into an inhospitable, desolate wasteland. Infinite Santa - half human and half machine - survives any way he can in this bleak world. Despite his tough existence, Infinite Santa still dreams of keeping the Christmas spirit alive by spreading goodwill and cheer to the nice people of the world. But as the years have passed it has become harder for Infinite Santa. Instead of good people, all he finds are evildoers and hideous, no-good robo-mutations. His one ray of hope is Martha, a robot girl full of the Christmas spirit. He rescued her from a deadly situation, and now she is like a daughter to him. They have a hard life but a good one, living on Santa's ranch with his robo-reindeer. But Santa's luck is about to run out. Santa's arch-enemy, the evil mad scientist Dr. Shackleton, has found Santa again. Shackleton hates Santa and his stupid holiday, and will stop at nothing to uncover Infinite Santa's mysterious secrets...and then destroy Infinite Santa once and for all. Dr. Shackleton is no fool. He knows how powerful Infinite Santa is, and has built an army to destroy him and Martha. Batsharks, Crabmonkeys, Dragonfly Snakes, Octo-Blobs, and Skin-Bots - and if they can’t kill Infinite Santa, a 100-foot Evil Easter Bunny should do the trick. This fight will test Infinite Santa to his limits. He'll need machine guns, flamethrowers, machetes, knives, jet packs, ornament grenades, and everything else in his arsenal just to survive. Because Dr. Shackleton must be stopped. The fate of Christmas hangs in the balance. Infinite Santa 8000 is written by Greg Ansin and Michael Neel who also is the director. The voiceacting is decent, the soundtrack consists of heavy metal, played during the action sequences, and electronic music. The pacing is good but Infinite Santa 8000  is i some parts a bit monotonic. It gets very videogameesque after it passes the 60 minute mark of running time, you´ll see what I mean. I did not like the style of animation but that just my opinion, on the plusside this is a wild and crazy ride with a cybernetic santa, a GIANT easter bunny and much more. There´s no nudity in this. It´s a very violent animated flick but it is all very tongue in cheek.
Infinite Santa 8000 will be released on VOD by Midnight Releasing in December 2013.
This review is based upon a passwordprotected online screener provided by Midnight Releasing.
Rating: 2½ out of 7. Infinite Santa 8000 is a inventive and pretty entertaining ride, I can hint influences from Dustin Wayde Mills work and fans of his flicks will most probably find things to appreciate in Infinite Santa 8000. This just might be this years christmas season flick for fans of independent filmmaking.


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