Friday 15 November 2013

Review: Amnesiac (2013)


First I´d like to thank Midnight Releasing for providing me with a screener.
In the wake of losing her baby, lonely Kate Faulkner has become dangerously obsessed with the occult, much to the horror of her only sister, Bec. One night, Bec and her boyfriend, Thom, visit Kate in order to try and make her see the danger of her obsession. Through the use of a Ouija board, they make contact with a mysterious spirit who offers to help Kate in her mission to find her dead son. But events soon take a menacing turn when the séance participants discover the true motives of the mysterious stranger at their door and the dark, eerie place of child sacrifice known as Wyke Wreake. Amnesiac is written by Andrew Rutley and is directed by Martin Rutley. The acting is very good, the camerawork and editing is very good and there are some really nice visuals in this. I must say that the soundtrack is haunting and awesome! The pacing is "different", it´s pretty slow but yet in my opinion it keeps moving in a pretty good pace. There´s a good atmosphere in this, a lot of it´s due to the visuals and the soundtrack which is, as I mentioned, awesome. It´s a non-linear flick and I found myself a bit confused at times. There´s brief gore in this, there´s a scene where a character is trashing around in cheaply made guts but otherwise the gore is pretty good but brief. There´s no topless nudity in this but there is a bit of male ass.
Amnesiac was released on DVD by Midnight Releasing on 11/05/2013 by Midnight Releasing.
This review is based upon a passwordprotected onlinescreener provided by Midnight Releasing.
Rating: 5½ out of 7. If you´re looking for quick thrills, gore, nudity and a high pace Amnesiac will most probably disappoint you. I found this to be a interesting 90 minutes flick, good visuals, nice soundtrack and not at all the kind of horror flick that I thought it would be.


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