Monday 18 November 2013

DVD review: Ice Queen (Video 2005)

Discovered perfectly preserved deep in the Amazon forest, an Ice Age female is unearthed by an archeologist who wants to exhibit her as the find of the century. The plane carrying the "Ice Queen" back to civilization crashes near a ski resort, and when the terrifying missing link is restored to life, she launches a killing spree that the trapped survivors must stop, or face certain death. Ice Queen is written by David R. Williams, Peter Beckwith and Neil Kinsella. The acting is pretty decent. The camerawork and editing is good. I noticed that they use the helicopter attack footage from Abel Ferrara´s Body Snatchers (1993) and I´m pretty sure that they used footage from more movies. The big avalanche sequence is most probably a mix of new and old footage, in that sequence there is computer rendered fx but also miniature work. The soundtrack is good. The pacing is good and this flick is never boring.  One good thing about Ice Queen is that it isn´t too predictable but there´s some scenes that are just too frickin silly, a prime example of this is when the Ice Queen gets attracted to the main male character. A scene which kinda kills any chance of suspense and more or less ruins the experience of watching the flick (at least for me). There´s T and A in this flick courtesy of Jennifer Hill (as the character Elaine), in addition to it she does spend a lot of time in a wet t-shirt which provides some gratuitous shots of her tits. There´s only brief gore in this, this is due to the Ice Queen´s method to kill her victims (she freezes them from the inside out). The creature make up fx design is pretty good.
Ice Queen is also known as Avalanche Run.
This review is based upon the region all (region 0) DVD release from MTI Home Video.
Rating: 2 out of 7. I do like parts of Ice Queen, first of all it is pretty entertaining, not too predictable and the scope of it is pretty ambitious. On the downside, frickin silly in parts and could have been, should have been much gorier.


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