Friday 7 September 2012

DVD review: Blå måndag (Video 2001)

Petty thiefs Leo (Göran Gillinger) and Roger (Viktor Bohlin) commits one of their usual burglaries. A burglary that ends in disaster. Eva (Eva Röse), a lonely and disillusioned young woman, gets life-changing news. By chance their fates collide when Leo and Roger are planning their big coup. Eva begins a relationship with Leo. After a while she discovers their plans. To save her life, she is forced to become an ally. The three are drawn into a spiral of violence and the path to the surprising resolution is lined with broken promises and dead bodies. Blå Måndag (Blue Monday in english) is written by Daniel di Grado and Anders Lennberg who also is the director. The acting is terrible, especially Khaled Habib El Kebich and Viktor Bolin are awful in this. There is plenty of lousy dialogue and clumsily directed scenes, for this the blame can be put Daniel di Grado and Anders Lennberg. The camerawork and editing is decent but it looks like it might have been made for daytime television. All in all I do admit that there are a few good scenes, the "best" scenes takes place towards the end of the flick when it´s time for the big coup. There is gore, practical make-up fx, most of the killings are on screen and there is plenty of messy squibs as people get shot. But the filmmakers fails to make the most of some really potentially gory stuff, for instance where a character get killed with a fire extinguisher and when a meat grinder is used to get rid of bodies. There is no T & A in this, which is actually a bit of shame as I´ve always have had a soft spot for Eva Röse (she was once titled `Sexiest woman in Sweden') but I´ll have to say that she´s never looked so unattractive throughout her career as she does in this.
This review is based upon the Swedish region 2 DVD release from Sandrew Metronome, its swedish language only.
Rating: 0½ out of 7. I did not enjoy this. There are a few good things in it but they are to few and too far between to save it. It might have been better if they had added more gore, sex, nudity and sleaze to compensate for the inept craftmanship of the director and cast.


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