Saturday 8 September 2012

DVD review: Camp Slaughter (2004)

Six young people travels to a closed down summer camp for a parent-free weekend. None of them knows that the nearest neighbor is mentally ill and retarded noble family who hid their deepest "family secret" in a cave in the woods. The "family secret" escapes from the dungeon and finds its way to summer camp. Camp Slaughter is written by Alina Warne and directed by Martin Munthe. The film's biggest problem is the script and acting, the acting is horrible.The dialogue sounds very strained and stiff throughout the movie. The camerawork and editing is actually pretty good. There´s no suspense in Camp Slaughter, perhaps it was intended as "a parody of slasher movies" but even if I choose that point of view in my review it still fails miserably due to the inept filmmaking on behalf of the writers, director and cast. It features possibly one of the most ridiculous looking killers as he is running around and groaning wearing a dress, boots and a bag over his head There is some brief gore, all but one kill are lame. As a whole Camp Slaughter fails to deliver in both the gore and bodycount department. There is some brief T & A and a sexscene.
This review is based upon the Swedish region 2 DVD release from Sandrew Metronome. It has english audion and swedish subtitles. Yup, I know what your thinking, english audio.. Yes, this was made for a international market so you get a swedish cast speak english instead of swedish and it sounds pretty ridiculous.
Rating: 0 out of 7. I didn´t know if I should laugh or cry. It´s hard  to try to find anything positive about this flick, it´s not even so bad that it gets funny. It´s just pointless and boring. The acting is very bad and one can only wonder why the filmmakers choose this cast and let them speak english as they obviously barely speak the language. My God, it´s not even worth even half a point. You have been warned.


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