Saturday 15 September 2012

Review: Feed A (2012)

First I´d like to thank Clarke Mayer for providing me with a screener.
A S.W.A.T. team answers a call for a missing police officer sent out on a domestic disturbance call. What they find is anything but routine. Feed A is written Dale Devino, Risa Pappas and Clarke Meyer who also is the director. The plot is somewhat similar to [Rec] ² (2009) and this is also shot Point of view, the S.W.A.T. team is followed by a camera operator, so there is a lot of shaky cam. The acting is good, the filmmakers use sight, sound and the setting to good effect. There is some brief but quite nice gore, mostly seen in the background as we see victims of carnage. The creatures fx design is pretty cool and we only see glimpses of them which is good (it always dangerous to overexpose your monsters). I think that the filmmakers use both practical and computer gendered fx. There is no T & A in this.
This review is based upon a DVD-R screener provided by Clarke Mayer.
Rating: 6 out of 7. I enjoyed this and in my opinion Feed A has huge potential, I think that this could be successfully developed into a feature length film. I look forward to see more from Clarke Mayer.


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