Sunday 9 September 2012

DVD review: Death Academy (Video 2005)

Ten years ago four students were killed at a school, the killer was arrested and put in jail. Now, a couple of students have decided to do an essay on the murders. They get in touch with the killer who claims that he's innocent and that the principal is in fact the real killer. They take his word for it and decide to break into school one late night to find proof. What they don't know is that someone doesn't want the truth to come out and as the night falls, they soon realize that they're trapped inside the school with a vicious serial killer. Death Academy is written and directed by Daniel Lehmussaari. The acting is so bad that it´s laughable, the camerawork and editing is amateurish and in some cases pretty terrible. The soundtrack is pretty bad and feels misplaced. It´s violent and gory, it´s all practical make-up fx and some of the gore is good, the highlight is when the killer uses a fire extinguisher, but the blood looks pink. There is no T & A in this.
Death Academy is also known as School Night Massacre.
This review is based upon the region all (Region 0)  DVD release from It has swedish audio with english subtitles.
Rating: 0½ out of 7. It´s amateurish, lacking in acting and cinematography but thankfully Daniel Lehmussaari is well aware that a bodycount and graphic kills are a must for a slasher and in the that aspect Death Academy at least pretty much delivers what we´re expecting.


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