Tuesday 16 April 2013

DVD review: Demon Queen (1986)

The mysterious and lecherous Lucinda (Mary Fanaro) is the cold as ice, soul-devouring evil embodiment of the Demon Queen! She’s a sinister and murderous Succubus wildly rampaging on an unholy quest of lust and terror. Lucinda loves brutally killing her victims, but she reserves the most horrendous horrors for her forlorn lovers! Jesse (Dennis Stewart) tries to thwart Lucinda’s orgy of blood lust, but Lucinda has summoned her most horrific and unspeakable powers especially for his demise! Fear the Demon Queen, she WILL kill you! Demon Queen is written and directed by Donald Farmer. The acting is hilarously bad, the character Izzy might be one of the most unintimidating gangsters to ever appear on screen. The camerawork and editing is pretty bad and it is evident that Demon Queen is one of those very cheap shot on video productions from the 1980s. The pacing is pretty good, there are noticeable attempts to padd out the running time and the very thin storyline. The audio is pretty bad in some scenes, the picture quality isn´t very good but this was shot on VHS a long time ago so I guess it will do. There is gore, some of the fx (which of course is all practical) are surprisingly impressive for a flick shot on such a tight budget. There´s gratuitous topless nudity in this.
This review is based upon the region 1 DVD release from Massacre Video.
Rating: 1 out of 7. Yeah, the rumours are true Demon Queen is terrible. It isn´t well made or good but it is at least an entertaining 48 minutes and 13 seconds.. Yes, that is Demon Queen´s running time excluding the end credits which lasts 6 minutes or so... Recommend to fans of low budget and shot on video horror. Others should stay away.

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