Wednesday 17 April 2013

New DVD giveaway: Olaf Ittenbach DVD package

It is time to have a new giveaway at Independent Flicks. The prize is a package containing several of Olaf Ittenbach´s flicks, we´re talking limited Tin Metalpack Editions. 5 of them. You´ll get Black Past (Video 1989) (german language only), Premutos - Der gefallene Engel (1999)  (german language only), Beyond the Limits (2003) (english audio available), Garden of Love (Video 2003)  (english audio available) and Dard Divorce (Video 2007) (english audio available).

Beyond The Limits and Dard Divorce have been opened as they were floaters when I got them. Black Past, Premutos Der Gefallene Engel and Garden Of Love are in mint condition and still in protective plastic wrapping.

In order to win send a email to as soon as the blog passes the 100 000 visitors mark.

First come first served..

edit: these are region 2 DVD releases in case anyone is wondering.


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