Wednesday 17 April 2013

DVD review: Night of Redemption (2010)

High school student Flex Worthington, stumbles upon an ancient journal written by the evil sorcerer Sir Teitan. Flex has unleashed the Wrath of Sir Teitan who has a quest to dehumanize mankind and take over the heaven and earth by turning humans into an army of demon zombies that he can control. Flex must undo the spell with the help of an old man Vondue, who knows about myths and legends to save the girl of his dreams. Flex fights them with his Martial Arts and weapons to send Sir Teitan back to hell. Night of Redemption is written, produced, edited and directed by Paolo Carascon and co-directed by Michael Haboush. Paolo Carascon also stars and is the creator of the fight choreography. The acting is pretty decent, not very good but not all too bad either. The camerawork and editing is decent. The soundtrack is decent. Some of the props, for instance the journal, looks like it was bought at a novelty shop. And the gun looks like a waterpistol. One thing that I liked with Night of Redemption is Martial Arts scenes, the fight choreography is good, it´s staged and shot so we can se the strikes and kicks and Paolo Carascon gets to show off some fancy moves/techniques.  Sadly, they make the misstake of speeding up the action during one fight which looks ridiculous and why they did that during that one scene is anyone´s guess. There´s brief gore as a skull is crushed with a stone, most of the kills occur of screen. The demon zombies look cheap and funny but are pretty decent as I can imagine that they didn´t have much of a budget for a fx department. No T & A in this but Keeli Ross is very cute as Amber.
This review is based upon the region all /Region 0) DVD release from P.D.C Productions.
Rating: 2 out of 7. It´s hard not to compare this with The Vanisher (2012) and I must say that Night of Redemption is far better as it offers the viewer more and better action. It would be interesting to see Paolo Carascon make a fully fledged Martial Arts flick which features plenty of fighting, perhaps an old fashioned tournament flick or a vigilante flick.


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