Sunday 21 April 2013

DVD review: Mad Foxes (1981)

Playboy Hal Martin (José Gras) kisses Babsy while driving a fancy Stingray. As a band of bikers roll up their leader taunts Hal and spits on him. Hal forces one of the bikers into a fatal accident. While Hal and Babsy are at a club the bikers are waiting outside and beat him up and Stiletto (Eric Falk) brutally rapes Babsy. Out for revenge Hal hires a friend who runs a kickboxing school. At the bikers funeral for their fallen buddy, the kick boxers show up and beat up the bikers and castrate their leader. In retaliation the bikers turn up at the kickboxing school with machine guns. Two nude lovers on a beach get dressed and start hitchhiking when Hal drives by. Hal picks up Lily (who ditches her boyfriend) and they drive to this parents' estate. As Hal and Lily make love in the forest, the bikers show up and kill the family and servants. Hal, armed with guns and grenades, goes off to finish off the bikers. Mad Foxes is written by Jaime Jesús Balcázar, Melvin Quiñones, Hans R. Walthard and Paul Grau who also is the director. The the acting and dialogue are terrible, the camerawork and editing is choppy. There is a prolonged scene where three couples in the beginning of the flick when Hal takes his date to a nightclub, the dance-scene don´t match with the other scenes that takes place in the club. The main purpose of the scene seems to be to padd out the running time. The nazi bikers are just a ridiculous and cartoonish bunch of characters. The fight choreography when the kick boxing school attackts the bikers is poor if not laugh out loud bad. The pacing of Mad Foxes is, at least in parts, pretty crazy. I was quite surpried by the fact hat Hal is such a unsympathetic character who in the beginning is out only to get his drunk 18-year-old virgin girlfriend home to have sex with her, later he seems to forget  that she got raped and it doesn´t take long before he hooks up with a new girl. The action, besides the big fight already mentioned earlier there are numerous shoot outs and fight scenes. There is some gore in this, squibs, genitalia mutilation, gutting and so on. Yup, it´s pretty violent and it´s mean-spirited.There´s gratuitous T & A in this, there´s both female and male full frontal nudity. There is several  laughable sex-scenes and a rape-scene.
Mad Foxes is also known as Stingray 2 and The Bikers And The Disco Kid.
This review is based upon the region 2 DVD release from X-Cess, german and spanish audio is available.
Rating: 3½ out of 7. Mad Foxes is so silly and bad but yet extremely entertaining so it´s hard to give a fair review but I gotta say that I really enjoyed the flick. There´s gratuitous nudity and some real mean-spirited violence. Make sure to check it out!


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