Monday 21 May 2012

DVD review: Ikenhisu: To Kill with One Blow (2009)

Oshota Funakoshi (Amy Chang) is not your every day plain Jane, elegant, erotic, and an outstadning figure best describes her presence. Underneath it all she´s a killing machine. The ancient art of Ninjitsu Kota-kan (The Art of Assassination) runs through her blood stream. Her father Daiyito Funakoshi (Tomas Trinidad) was co-funder of Robotic Prosthetic Technologies. To gain the advantage for Military contracts, Daiyito merged his company with the Talbert family representing the Nano Micro-Tech Corp of the U.S. Two weeks after the union Daiyito was found dead. His daughter Oshota assuming the worst believes that he was murdered. Now her ony goal in ife is to find the killer or killers who murdered her father. After all her father was the one who taught her the ancient art of Ninjitsu. Ikenhisu: To Kill with One Blow is shot and edited, written and directed by La'Mard J. Wingster who also is the producer and plays the character Mychal Harris. Yes the plot sounds good and it has potential but the acting ranges from mediocre to bad and the storyline is hard to follow, the camerawork and editing is semidecent and the soundtrack is similar to a computer game. The running time of 86 minutes the film is boring and overlong. The highlights of the flick is the fight scenes (using swordplay and martial arts) but these are badly choreographed, shot and edited and just plain bland. The film has some bad computer gendered gore make-up fx. No T & A in this one but the ladies sometime fight in their underwear.
This review is based upon the Region Free DVD release from ASC Productions.

Rating: 0 out of 7. Can´t recommend Ikenhisu: To Kill with One to anyone, spend your money and time on something else.


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