Tuesday 22 May 2012

Review: Lost Woods (2012)

Darrin Noland (Joey Brown) leads a deliberate and careful life, but when his old friends spring a camping trip on him it's a good time he can't run from. The escape turns south when Darrin finds out the unsettling news that Warren (Garret Vander Leun), someone he has avoided since junior high, is also along for the ride. Darrin attempts to avoid an awkward reunion but horrible events caused by a mysterious creature force him to face his regretful past and take on his beast within. Lost Woods is written by Joey Brown and Nathan Ellering and Phillip Ellering who are the the directors. The acting is decent, the cast has good chemistry and it´s har not to like the characters. There are several nice and funny moments before the film turns goes into horror territory. The camerawork and editing is good, the soundtrack is nice and fitting. There is a little bit of gore, both practical make-up fx and computered gendered gore. I think the Sasquatch creature design, classic man in suit, looks really cool and it´s obviously the fx highlight of the film. I´m think that they might have used some CGI in a few scenes to create the creatures different facial expressions. No T & A in this film.
This review is based upon a passwordprotected screener provided by Midnight Releasing. Lost Woods will be released on DVD region 1 on June 5, 2012. 
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Rating: 5½ out of 7. I found Lost Woods to be a quite a enjoyable little flick. Sure it has som flaws but it´s a nice mix of comedy and horror, something that is difficult to pull off. The creature is awesome! I wish there would have been more gore, almost all the killings are too clean, I mean free from blood and gore. Check out Lost Woods if you like monster flicks.


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