Thursday 17 May 2012

Review: Father's Day (2011)

The urban legend known as 'The Father's Day Killer' began some years after the demise of serial rapist/murderer Chris Fuchman. Since the 1970s, the use of contraceptives has tripled in North America alone and a generation of fathers fell asleep with the covers pulled tight, buttocks clenched. †The story has become a fire-side cautionary ritual on camping trips, often used by fathers to warn their sons of the dangers of unplanned pregnancy. That deep seeded fear of penetration, violation and eventually death waned as the murder and rape of fathers continued to decline all over the world. Unfortunately those numbers didn't remain low, and it would seem that the legend is not yet complete. Father's Day is written and directed by the members of Astron-6 (Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy, Jeremy Gillespie, Conor Sweeney and Steven Kostanski). Professionally shot and edited. A lot of interesting visuals and it has a nice grindhouse feel to it with scratchy film, degraded footage and so on. The soundtrack is excellent. Good cast giving intentionally over-the-top performances,
Plenty of blood and gore, both practical and computerer gendered gore make-up fx which for the most part looks great. There is even some claymation in it. Plenty of T & A, both female and male nudity. I should point out that Amy Groening is freakin hot, she´s sexy as hell as Chelsea. Some prudish viewers might be a bit offended that there are a couple of graphic scenes where we see Fuchman rape his victims.
This review is based upon a screener supplied by Troma. The Father's Day 3 Disc Blu-Ray / DVD Combo All Region is due to be released on or about 6/12/2012.
Rating: 7 out of 7. Father's Day is unpredictable and inspired and very entertaining. It's wonderfully absurd, very funny, very gory and is sure to provoke a of prudish people. This is a must buy for me! Check it out


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