Wednesday 9 January 2013

DVD review: Nikos the Impaler (Video 2003)

All of Romania feared Nikos (Andreas Schnass), a bloodthirsty barbarian and cannibal, murderer of many. But one moonlit night, a courageous few, with torches clutched in their hands, put the ungodly monster to an end. Yet, with his dying words, the maniacal Nikos claimed not even death would stop him. Now, centuries later, at Manhattan´s famed Bancroft Gallery, a spectacular  Romanian art exhibition is in full swing, and all the beautiful people are there. But a botched robbery attempt has accidentally brought the monster back from the dead, and as the legend foretold, Nikos is hungry for blood! Nikos the Impaler is written by Ted Geoghegan and Andreas Schnass who also is the director. Awful acting but the camerawork and editing is decent. The pacing is pretty slow at first and it seems to take forever for things to get going but after that it is almost an nonstop gorefeast and in a wacky display of comedy Nikos is joined by ninjas, a vampire and Adolf Hitler towards the end ..
Nikos the Impaler delivers the over the top gore, it´s all practical fx. Most of it looks good but there are a couple of off screen kills. There are some computer rendered visual fx, most notably when a car explodes. The design for Nikos is pretty decent but his armour and sword looks like something someone would have at a Dungeons And Dragons convention.There is a gratuitous shower scene with Darrien Cane that provides plenty of T & A and full frontal nudity. And the same scene but full uncut is also included in the special features and it runs a total of 7 minutes which means even more T & A and gratuitous full frontal nudity.
This review is based upon the region 0 (region all) DVD release from Schnass Film Gmbh, it´s uncut and has german, english and spanish subtitles.
Rating: 1 out of 7. Nikos the Impaler is somewhat of an improvement compared to Andreas Schnass earlier efforts although that ain´t saying too much as those were abysmally bad. I can only recommend this to fans of over the top gore flicks.


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