Sunday 6 January 2013

DVD review: Untot - Kämpfer in der Leichenwelt (2004)

The year is 1932. A family withdraws from the civilization. Seventy years later, the descendants will live once again among men. But there are only zombies in the world. For the four brothers begin a cruel fight for survival! The odyssey of the hikers never seems to stop: In the forest, in villages, on farms, in skyscrapers, etc. they are fighting against hordes of zombies with the help of lawnmowers, shredders, trimmers, etc. Untot - Kämpfer in der Leichenwelt  is written and directed by Martin Erfling. The acting is pisspoor, it´s badly shot and edited. There is a ton of both intentional and unintentional comedy. The pacing is way off as the flick is boring and overlong, Untot - Kämpfer in der Leichenwelt  is in severe need of some editing. It´s gory, very gory but it´s poor amateurish fx and only a few of the gags are good. By the way this movie probably features the biggest squibs ever put on film, seriously they´re huge and totally disproportionate. Several of the disemboweling scenes, and there are many of those, are simply made by having characters having a ballon of waterish red blood under their shirts. The zombie make-up fx design is poor and very amateurish with one or two exceptions. There is no T & A in this.
This review is based upon the uncut region 2 2-disc DVD release from FunAct Pictures. It has english, french, spanish, japanese and dutch subtitles.

Rating: 1 out of 7. Untot - Kämpfer in der Leichenwelt gets a point for the obvious enthusiasm shown by the young filmmakers and cast and the gratuitous gore (seriously there is buckets and buckets of gore and blood) but it fails on all other parts (technical, acting and so on).


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