Tuesday 22 January 2013

DVD review: White Fury (1990)

Danny (Sean Holton) a champion snowboarder takes his girlfriend Christine (Christine Shinn) and his friend Greg (William Berg) and Lesley (Chasity Hammons) to a remote cabin in the snowy Colorado countryside. Tyler (Deke Anderson) and his accomplice Marcus (Michael Kaskel) are a rutlhless bank robbers on the run, they head out into the countryside to avoid the police and a bounty hunter who is hunting them. White Fury is written by John Cianetti and David A. Prior who also is the director. Bad acting dominates the flick but Deke Andersson is pretty decent as the main bad guy, there are some surprisingly bad camerawork and editing in some scenes.  White Fury has a few big problem besides the ones I´ve already mentioned, first we have the pacing which tediously slow. There are overlong scenes of snowboarding, characters playing charades and there´s a snowmobile/snowboard chase that seems to last forever. There isn´t enough action, its too far between the action scenes and the action scenes are just lame. That the action is so bleak can most probably be linked to the obviosly limited budget. There is no gore in this, not even a single juicy squib. There is no T & A in this.
This review is based upon the italian region 2 DVD release from U.S.A. Home Entertainment and it´s italian language only.
Rating: 0 out of 7. O man, this was bad, really bad! White Fury is a uninspired, overlong and boring flick. I wish it would have been gritty, violent and nasty but now it is just lackluster. Not recommended even if you are a die hard David A. Prior fan.  


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