Monday 28 January 2013

DVD review: Project Genesis (2011)

In 2019 ... The world has changed. As people die, they living dead. Worex and Smith fly with the behavioral biologist Dr. Stone to Earth. At the same time in a church wedding chapel back in the middle of the kill zone. The leader of the Death Zone has chosen two women and wants to marry them but things don´t go as planned.. Project Genesis is written by Martin Hentschel and Jochen Taubert who also is the director. Now this might be little bit complicated but I´ll try to explain, this is a sequel to Oliver Krekel´s Crossclub: The Legend of the Living Dead (1999) and uses plenty of footage from that but it also has footage from a Stefan Svahn flick. The shifts between new and older footage are very easy to detect, not only in picture quality but in many other ways. For instance, the new scenes by Jochen Taubert looks like sh*t, bad acting, badly shot and edited and there is a heavy reliance on computer rendered gore which looks atrociously bad. The scenes from Oliver Krekel´s at least features some practical fx. The true highlight of this horrific example of inept filmmaking is the footage from a Stefan Svahn movie which features the best shot scenes, the best make-up design and good practical gore fx. Sadly the Stefan Svahn scenes only make up about 8 minutes of this...... There´s intentional comedy that just falls flat. During the first 50 minutes we get extremely bad computer rendered fx but then, out of the blue, we suddenly get some really good practical stuff courtesy of the Stefan Svahn footage. There´s no T & A in this, but a couple of the women run around in lingerie throughout the whole movie and the cameraman sure seems fond of filming the ass of especially one of the actresses.
This review is based upon the region 2 DVD release from Astro Records & Filmworks, it´s german language only.
Rating: 0½ out of 7. Project Genesis is my first exposure to filmmaker Jochen Taubert and OMG it wasn´t a good one. This flick belongs on the garbagedump, I can´t believe I actually paid to see this. This gets half a point solely based upon the footage from Stefan Svahn, I´m just wondering, is it bought, borrowed or stolen?....


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