Friday 25 January 2013

DVD review: Zombie: The Resurrection (Video 1998)

A.D.2015. The world powers destroy each other by means of bacteriological weapons. The final solution through bombing not only provides huge suffering among the population, but also raises the dead, who prowl for survivors. Always in search of flesh, blood and fresh entrails. Humanity has no chance anymore because zombies show no mercy. A D.2017. Steve (Oliver van Balen), Joe, Jill (Tanja Reiter) and Anne, two regulators and two rescued civilians manage to escape into the wilderness outside of the populated cities of the undead. There they live a miserable life in an old anti-aircraft base in the hope of rescue. Steve decides to visit one of the last intact radio towers, in an attempt to contact other survivors. But while Steve struggles through the wilderness, suddenly bloodthirsty zombies appear from everywhere. And while Steve has almost achieved his goal, his friends struggle with the last reserves of ammunition and eat rats to survive. Zombie: The Resurrection is written and directed by Holger Breiner and Torsten Lakomy. The acting is terrible, the camerawork and editing is okay but the picture quality is poor. Even if the running time is barely 60 minutes this is truly tedious experience to sit through. The gut munching scenes are prolonged and boring and their sole is to padd out the running time. Some scenes are just so absurd that you are at risk to laugh out loud. It´s very gory, but it´s really cheap amateurish fx and zombie make-up fx design is bad. There´s T & A, including full frontal nudity during a prolonged scene when one of the woman characters is skinny dipping (one more try to padd out the running time). There is also a scene where a female character is having sex but you can see her panties...
This review is based on region all (Region 0) DVD release from Delta Film Internation, it´s german language only. The DVD release is limited to 666 pieces.
Rating: 0 out of 7. Wow this was bad, there are good low budget/independently produced german splatter movies out there but this ain´t one of them. It´s boring and badly made and this DVD release is most probably aimed to cash in on the new found fan base for zombie movies, I pitty the poor devils who spend their hard earned money on this..


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