Friday 20 July 2012

DVD review: Blood and Sex Nightmare (Video 2008)

Something unholy is stalking the guests of The Pleasure Mountain Adult Retreat. Local legend states that 40 years ago, serial rapist and murderer Felix Gallo hung himself at an abandoned campground in these woods. Today, a sex resort sits on the site, and couples eager to sample a "swinging lifestyle in rustic surroundings" arrive in droves. Everything goes well and business is booming until, one by one, the guests begin to disappear.. and re-appear in bloody little pieces. Is a flesh and blood killer on the loose? Or has Felix´s dormant spirit, disturbed by the sexual energy, come back from the grave to exact his revenge? Welcome to Pleasure Mountain Retreat, where "safe sex" has a very different meaning. Blood and Sex Nightmare is written by Joe Manzione and directed by Joseph R. Kolbek. Made on shoestring budget, $ 3000, it looks surprisingly good. The acting ranges from decent to mediocre. The pacing is good and the flick makes good use of it´s short running time of just 59 minutes. It´s packed with nudity, sleaze, sexual situations and gore. There´s a lot of T & A and gore which can be expected as per the title. Several attractive female cast members (Niki Rubin and Tina Krause) shed their clothes and there is several scenes of full frontal nudity. To bad that we only get to see the very cute Julia Morizawa in her underwear. The movie is gory but could have been even gorier as several of the kills takes place off screen, the practical make-up fx is decent and the make-up fx design for the killer is pretty cool even if a bit cartoonish.
This review is based upon the region 1 DVD release from Bloody Earth Films, it´s Unrated.
Rating: 6½ out of 7. This film is clearly inspired by '80's low-budget japanese films such as Entrails of a Virgin (1986) but one of the differences is that here there is no fogging of genitals.  Lots of sex, sleaze and blood! Highly recommended to fans of the expoitation genre. See for yourself!!!


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