Tuesday 3 July 2012

DVD review: Invasion Force (1990) .

Please note that this review is based upon a italian language only DVD release, it seems to be the only legit DVD release of this film, and my knowledge of italian is nil. I don´t understand a word...
A film crew, busy shooting a movie in the woods around Mobile, Alabama, are the only witnesses to the invasion of a group of commandos arriving by parachutes. The future of America now depends on a small group of patriotic americans. Invasion Force is written and directed by David A. Prior. The acting is bad except for Richard Lynch who plays a disgruntled former U.S. Special Forces office, named Michael Cooper whose mission is to take the city and hold it, and the populace, for ransom. The camerawork and editing is decent, the pacing is good and Invasion Force never gets boring. There is quite a bit of action and it ain´t very believable but hey this is a David A. Prior flick so you shouldn´t expect realism in the combat scenes. There is a couple of twists in the film, some might enjoy them but for me it ruined the film. There is some gore in the form of squibs and there is only some partial nudity so fans of T & A will be disappointed.
This review is based upon the region 2 DVD release from USA Home Entertainment, it´s uncut and italian language only.
Rating: 1½ out of 7. I liked the plot and Richard Lynch was good but besides that this is a major disappointment and some of the twists and especially the ridiculous twist at the ending f*cking sucks! I really hate that ending!


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