Tuesday 3 July 2012

DVD review: Shotgun Boulevard (1996)

Jack B. Quick, (played by Scott Shaw) must defeat two feuding warlord brother who are unleasing havoc on the streets of near-future Hollywood, California. Shotgun Boulevard is written by Scott Shaw and Donald G. Jackson who also is the director. We get to see some really bad acting, The soundtrack, the camerawork and editing is bad. There is intentional and unintentional comedy. It feels boring and overlong even though it´s only has a running time of 70 minutes. The flick is confusing, for instance Robert Z´Dar appears in a couple of scenes and seems to have hallucinations where he imagines that he´s hunted by a identical twin, he´s never properly introduced (we don´t know who he is or what is on his agenda) and weirdly he never shares a scene with any of the other main characters. Adult filmstar Jill Kelly appears in this, in fact it´s the same scenes that appear in Naked Avenger that I reviewed yesterday.  The action is mostly bad, the one and only exception is the few scenes of martial arts but that probably due to the fact that Scott Shaw is a experienced martial artist. No gore but a lot of T & A, supplied by Jill Kelly who supplies full frontal nudity and runs around naked in almost all of her scenes.
This review is based upon the All Region DVD release from Light Source Films.
Rating: 0½ out of 7. Shotgun Boulevard is a mess, low production values  it´s confused, a bit eccentric and sometimes it´s just plain weird.


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