Wednesday 25 July 2012

DVD review: Samurai Cop (1989)

The Katana Gang is out of control in Los Angeles. They´re involved in everything from gambling and extortion to drugs. They´ve bullied their way to the top of the underworld through their unmatched brutality. The police are stymied in their efforts to take the Japanese mob down. The Yakuza´s code of silence is unbreakable and the police can´t bring any charges againt them. So they´ve brought in an expert, Joe Marshal (Matt Hannon), nicknamed "The Samurai", is an expert in Japanese culture and martial arts and if it takes a blood drenched street brawl to bring the mobsters to their knees, then Samurai Joe is ready to rumble! Samurai Cop is written and directed by Amir Shervan. It´s a abomination, it is so horrible. The dialogue, the direction, the production values, the acting, the music and editing is bad. it´s all absolutely hilariously bad. The fightchoreography and swordplay is so bad, not worst I´ve seen but yeah it is very bad. This is a roadmap of inept filmmaking. There is some gore, a guy gets his arm cut off, it´s practical fx but it looks very amateurish and I think they used paintballrounds to simulate squibs in a few scenes when people get shot. There is T & A and a couple of sexual situations. We get some brief full frontal nudity but mostly it´s limited to topless nudity and by the way this is one of those movies that the characters still have their underwear on during sex (hey, why use a condom, let´s keep our underwear on = safe sex).
This review is based upon the region 1 DVD release from Guilty Pleasures.

Rating: 0½ out of 7. I was wondering what in god's name am I watching. Samurai Cop is an very inept flick and features some of the most idiotic dialogue I have ever heard...  To give it a higher rating than 0½ would be unfair to other filmmakers out there.  Is it so bad that it´s good? No but if you want to laugh a lot while watching a goofy unintentional parody you should check out Samurai Cop if you can get it for a cheap price ..


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