Sunday 29 July 2012

DVD review: Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (Video 2012)

While the Civil War rages on, President Abraham Lincoln (Bill Oberst Jr.) must undertake an even more daunting task! Destroying the Confederate Undead. Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies is written and directed by Richard Schenkman. The acting is mostly decent but Bill Oberst Jr. rocks! He´s very good, both in the action and the more dramatic scenes. The production values are pretty good, the camera work is pretty good  but there are some weird editing, especially a fight-scene that ends somewhat abruptly. Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies isn´t scary but it´s a enjoyable and fun ride as it´s keeps going at a brisk pace. It´s gory but it´s almost exclusively computer gendered gore as zombies get shot, cut, chopped and so on. The zombie make-up fx design is pretty bad, not much decay but I think they are supposed to be recently deceased. In my opinion it would have been MUCH cooler if we´ve seen the dead from the war coming back.. I also want to point out that some of the fake beards and mustaches are laughable bad. No T & A in this.
This review is based upon the Region 1 DVD release from The Asylum Home Entertainment.
Rating: 3½ out of 7. Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies has some flaws but it´s both funny and entertaining so shut your brain off for a moment and give it a chance.


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