Wednesday 18 July 2012

DVD review: Brain Dead (2007)

What do a pair of escaped convicts, a preacher and his assistant, and a pair of pretty hikers have in common? They re all delicious. After an extraterrestrial parasite crash-lands in a backwoods American town landing squarely on the head of a local fisherman it sparks a fast spreading zombie infestation. As the brain hungry monsters multiply, three pairs of unlucky misfits convene on a fishing lodge for shelter. With zombies pounding at the door, the stranded, mismatched travelers must band together to stop the invasion or serve themselves up as a main course. The problem is, they may lose their minds to each other before losing their brains to the zombies. Brain Dead is written by Dale Gelineau and directed by Kevin Tenney. The acting is good and it´s a nice and entertaining bunch of characters, it´s a a flick with rapid pacing. It´s totally unoriginal but there isn´t a dull moment in this mix of gore and tongue in cheek humor, I sure did have some good laughs. The camerawork and editing is good. This flick should make the gorehounds happy. It´s gory, it´s cartoonish carnage and it´s mostly old fashioned practical make-up fx and a lot of it looks good and I think that there might be some computer gendered stuff.. not 100% sure. The mutant make-up fx design is pretty decent. In the T & A department I can report that there a plenty of  eye candy in the form of Sarah Grant Brendecke,  Cristina Tiberia, Michelle Tomlinson and Tess McVicker. Several of the very attractive female cast members provide gratuitous nudity, including full frontal.
This review is based upon the swedish Region All DVD release from Dark Entertainment.
Rating: 6½ out of 7. I had fun watching it. Over the top gore, humor and gratuitous female nudity. Take it for what it is and you'll have a good time.


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