Friday 6 July 2012

Review: A Midsummer Nightmare - The Betrayal (2012)

First I´d like to thank L. Jeffrey Moore for offering me the chance to review A Midsummer Nightmare - The Betrayal. England, 1596. The Brotherhood of St. George uses William Shakespeare to trap the Faerie Court within an enchanted book, sparking a secret war with the pagan Feyists. 250 years later the book is opened and the magical beings are freed in a California forest. Lord Oberon and Queen Titania are not happy after their long imprisonment, unleashing their wrath upon mankind. Three cowboys fight to survive long enough to stop the vengeful faeries and the murderous prankster called Puck. A Midsummer Nightmare - The Betrayal is written and directed by Joshua A. Siegel, It is a dark fantasy / horror short film inspired by William Shakespeare s A Midsummer Night. It looks professionaly shot and edited and I was actually a bit surprised by how visually appealing it is, even though it´s evident that it´s a low budget/independent effort it looks good and at times it looks like a big budget feature from Hollywood. There is some gore, both practical and computer gendered. The creature make-up fx designs are pretty nice. There is quite a bit of computer gendered visual fx, most of which looks good. No T & A in this but I wasn´t expecting any. A Midsummer Nightmare - The Betrayal is currently being submitted to film festivals. There are plans on making this into a feature film.
This review is based upon a passwordprotected online screener supplied by L. Jeffrey Moore.
Rating: 6½ out of 7. I liked this and I have a soft spot for dark fantasy tales, I´m keeping my fingers crossed that they´ll expand it and make a feature film.


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