Tuesday 24 July 2012

DVD review: Spirit Camp (2009)

When a street smart goth girl Nikki (Roxy Vandiver) is forced to attend cheer camp as part of her rehabilitation from a juvenile correction facility, she clashes with the "popular girls" and finds herself embroiled in a bitter rivalry with the bitchy ringleader Rachel (Julin Jean). But when members of the spriti squad start turning up dead, the girls must put aside their differences as they struggle to survive the murderous rage of a crazed psycho-killer lurking among them. Spirit Camp is written and directed by Kerry Beyer. He plays a character in the movie and he is also the cinematographer, editor, sound editor and did the digital effects himself. The acting in Spirit Camp is better than expected,  it´s professionally shot and edited and the soundtrack is good. It´s a pretty routine slasher affair with nice comedic element spliced in but when the film is nearing its end it actually takes a turn and gets nastier and darker... You´ll see what I mean when you see it. There isn´t much gore in this, there is some but I would have liked more blood and guts but that´s just the gorehound in me... The fx are both practical and computer gendered and most of it looks pretty good. There is plenty to report in the T & A department, we get some much appreciated nudity from Katy Rowe and Roxy Vandiver, both are very attractive and aren't shy. I must mention that Julin Jean is also very attractive and sexy but is only shown in bra, bikini and a skimpy cheerleading outfit.
This review is based upon the regin 1 DVD release from Kerosene Films, LLC. I got the Unrated Special Edition.
For more information visit the official website http://www.spiritcampmovie.com/HOME.html .
Rating: 6½ out of 7. I loved this movie, it manages to be funny, witty and scary at the same time. And to this add beautiful girls in cheerleader outfits, nudity, blood and some gore.. yeah, I wish it would had been a little bit gorier but hey you can´t have it all...  If you are a fan of slasher films you should check out Spirit Camp.


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