Friday 13 July 2012

Review: Meat Market 3 (Video 2006)

First I´d like to thank Brian Clement for making Meat Market 3 available for me.
A young couple (Bronwyn Lee and Mike Hordy) attempts to make their way to a rescue station during a worldwide crisis in which the dead return to life seeking living victims for sustenance. When they arrive, the shelter is being overrun by the undead and they seek refuge in a nearby abandoned house, and can only watch in horror as destruction and carnage ensue outside the windows... Low on food, water, and deprived of sleep, their grasp on sanity begins to slip away. But they have one small hope that may allow them to battle their way across the war-zone that was once the Garden City to what they hope is another survivor, and escape the maelstrom together. They fight not only with the reanimated dead, but with their own bodies and minds, as they hallucinate and slip in and out of consciousness, in their desperate final effort... Meat Market 3 is written and directed by Brian Clement. The acting in this is pretty good, the camerawork and editing is also and it shows a lot of improvement on behalf of technical craftmanship and writing and I love that it´s a straight horror flick. The vampire chicks and mexican wrestler are limited to a cameo, some viewers might appreciate the eccentric bits of the first two movies but I think that those bits risks alienating most viewers. There are a couple of twists, one too many in my opinion but I won´t go into details beacuse if I did I would spoil the movie for you. It´s gory, both practical make-up fx and some visual fx (computer gendered?) when zombies gets their heads bown off... The gore looks nice and the zombie make-up fx design are for the most part good and there are a couple of zombies that look very cool!  There is a brief moment of T & A.
This review is based upon a DVD-R copy supplied by Brian Clement.
For more information visit the official website for Frontline Films here .
Rating: 5½ out of 7. I´l be honest, I´ve been looking for the DVD release of Meat Market 3 for a long time, Brian Clement had no copies left but was very kind to provide me with a DVD-R. Considering my long search for it you might think that I´d have high expectations and I did (based on the trailer). First of all this is different than the previous Meat Market flicks, it has none of the eccentric characters (lesbian vampires and mexican wrestlers) although they appear in minor cameos, there is no comedy or goofy situations. It plays it straight and it works, it works very well but there are a few too many twists and turns along the way and these bring down my rating a bit.. Brian Clement shows great improvement in technical and writing craftmanship and this is the best movie of trilogy. I will be reviewing more of his movies in the near future.
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