Tuesday 3 July 2012

DVD review: Naked Avenger (Video 2008)

A young girl, (played by adult filmstar, Jill Kelly), whose boyfriend has left her stranded on the side of the road without a car. Seeking only to get to her job, she is picked up by a scout for the seedy underworld of white slavery and prostitution. Robbed of everything, including her clothing, the girl escapes only to be tracked through the desolate forests of the California Mountains by the scout, the white slaver, and their minions. The girl must battle her way to freedom while fighting tooth-and-nail, hand-to-hand, and gun-to-gun. Naked Avenger is written by M.T Bird and Scott who also are the directors. Hilariously bad acting, bad camerawork and even worse editing. Naked Avenger is very boring, for instance we get to see Jill Kelly walking/running in the forest and nothing, I do mean nothing, happens for several minutes. And then there is the bad guy who seems to talk on his phone for almost half the films running time, he talks, talks and talks... The few scenes of action are really pathetic and badly edited. No gore in this but lots and lots of T & A courtesy of Jill Kelly who is naked throughout most of the film.
This review is based upon a All Region DVD released by Light Source Films.

Rating: 0 out of 7. Naked Avenger is a total shitfeast, utterly boring and badly made. Even if it´s only 1 hour long it´s overlong and quite an endurance test to sit through. I think I should get a medal for watching it without pressing the fast forward button.  The only ones that this might appeal to are die hard fans of Jill Kelly.


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