Wednesday 6 March 2013

DVD review: American Force 3: High Sky Mission (1987)

The Japanese have occupied the Philippines erarly in the Second World War. General Nakamura is determined to see that the glory of the Imperial Japanese Army continues. A small, deadly group of commandos, the Amercian Force led by Colonel Cobra (Frank Juhasz) and Bazooka (Mike Abbott), have been sent behind enemy lines to knock out Nakamura´s headquarters and disrupt the Japanese plans. The Filipino people fight valiantly in resisting the Japanese, giving aid to Cobra and his men. There are, however, certain groups of the local people, led by Remas, who are not only collaborating with the Japanese, but even fighting their own countrymen for the Imperial cause. The American Force meets rebel guerillas, suicide attacks and booby trap as they track Remas to the Japanese headquarters. There, they mount an all-out surprise attack and wipe out all the enemy including Remas, leaving Nakamura to commit Hara Kiri. American Force 3: High Sky Mission is written by Godfrey Ho and is directed by Phillip Ko Fei and is another "Cut-and-paste" movie from Hong Kong Production Company IFD Films & Arts Ltd. Some new footage using caucasian actors (about 15 - 20 minutes of the running time), an older asian (Filipino?) war movie and stock footage showing fighters jets. The acting is horrible, the camerawork is "decent" but the editing is pretty horrible and there are huge differences between new and old footage. There are lots of shootouts and explosions. The american soldiers in this are among the most unrealistic portrayal I´ve ever seen, they´re careless and truly incompetent. There is some gore in the shape of squibs and a torn off limb. There is brief female topless nudity.
American Force 3: High Sky Mission is also known as Aerolite Force 3: High Sky Mission and High Sky Mission.
This review is based upon the german region 2 DVD release from Best Entertainment, it´s in german language only.
Rating: 0½ out of 7. American Force 3: High Sky Mission is a mess. Besides the flaws already mentioned I guess I should mention that despite the fact that it takes place during World War 2 we see Huey Helicopters, M113 Armoured Personel Carriers, M16s and so on. Weapons and a equipment that weren´t available in the 1940s. This is probably one of the worst war movies I´ve ever seen. Avoid it at all costs!


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