Thursday 21 March 2013

Review: The Cemetery (2013)

First I´d like to thank Adam Ahlbrandt for providing me with a DVD-screener.
Deep in the Pennsylvania hills, a cemetery for those who died during exorcism remains a dark secret for the church. In 1671, hundreds of men, women, and children suffered in bloody, torturous rituals at the hands of priests unable to contain the evil of the possessed. Were these possessions real, or is the story a hoax to cover up the sins of the deranged priests thirsty for human blood? Bill (J.D. Brown ) and his team of cynical paranormal investigators plan to find out the truth. As the producer and host of the reality TV show "Ghost Seekers," Bill and his crew have seen it all: abandoned prisons, haunted houses, and decrepit mental hospitals. Night after night of boring trips to empty run down buildings has left them sure that the dead stay dead and that ghosts are the furthest thing from being real. Their lack of faith will soon be repaid in blood. Armed with the church's historical record, they set out into the wilderness to uncover this series of forgotten atrocities. The demons of the past ...  The Cemetery is written and directed by Adam Ahlbrandt. The acting is  pretty good, it´s professionally shot and edited. There´s some elements of humour in it but don´t be alarmed as this is pretty much a straightforward horror flick. The metal and hardcore soundtrack might not be everybody´s cup of tea but I like it. The furiousity and energy of the music matches the proceedings on screen. The pacing is good, the flash back scenes are great. It´s very gory, we get over the top carnage and it´s all practical fx. The gore fx are solid! We get decapitation, disembowelment, limb removal and much more. Gorehounds will be pleased! The demonic possession fx design is good! There is T & A and several sexscenes in this.
This review is based upon a DVD-screener sent to me by Adam Ahlbrandt.
Rating: 6½ out of 7. I enjoyed this! The Cemetery is very good, it´s a well made, violent and gory demonic possession flick just the way that we like em. Adam Ahlbrandt is displaying true talent and passion with Cross Bearer (2012) and The Cemetery and I look forward to see more from him. He´s one of the bright shining lights in the indie horror movie industry and I´m sure that this is only the beginning of his career.


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  1. loved this film great blood,gore and crazy killings.