Sunday 17 March 2013

DVD review: Operation Las Vegas (1990)

After a Russian killer has brutally brought the plans of a nuclear reactor in his possession, Jefferson (Richard Harrison), a CIA agent, is called back to the U.S.. He and his terror-specialist Britta (Brigitte Borghese) have to prevent the worst. A nuclear attack on the territory of the United States, which would have devastating consequences. With a rapidly assembled anti-terror brigade  Jefferson and Britta succeeded to find the camp of the enemy. But the nuclear time bomb is ticking already. And so begins a deadly race against time ... Operation Las Vegas is written and directed by N.G. Mount (also known as Norbert Moutier). The acting is horrible providing us with a lot of unintentional funny moments which made me laugh out loud time and again. The camerawork and editing is bad, more unintentionally comic relief.. The actionsequences are bad due to the fact that the filmmakers are seemingly inept at setting up those scenes. Operation Las Vegas looks and feels cheap! The guns and gear are a mix of real guns, toy guns and poor mock ups. The actors are noticeably jerking their guns, pretending to fire, there are no muzzle flashes and so on. There´s no gore in this,  they couldn´t even afford a few squibs. There´s no T & A in this.
This review is based upon the german  region all (Region 0) DVD release from VZ-Handelsgesellschaft mbH, it´s uncut and german language only.
Rating: 0½ out of 7. It´s a boring and inept actionflick. Operation Las Vegas is bad, really bad but it in the middle of a veritable sea of flaws there are a few good things. One of them is that this is so bad that it crosses the line and becomes one of those movies that is so bad that it´s pretty darn funny to watch (however I won´t let that have any effect on my rating). Recommended only to the bad movie buff´s and die hard fans of Richard Harrison.


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