Wednesday 13 March 2013

Review: Bludgeon (2013)

First I´d like to thank Shawn Burkett for providing me with a online screener.
A rash of grisly murders plagued a small southern Ohio town for over a decade, before ending abruptly in 1992.  After several state wide searches, police officials gathered little to no evidence, and were no closer to solving the murders.  Now, twenty years later this small town is again terrified as the body count begins to rise. Bludgeon is written, directed and edited by Shawn Burkett. The acting is good with special praise to Erin R. Ryan and Haley Madison. It´s nicely shot and edited. Especially the nightime scenes are very good, atmospheric and tense as they´re shot with limited lightsources such as headlights and the light from the dashboard. I don´t want give too much away, I do try to keep my reviews free from spoilers, but this is a bleak story so if you´re looking for fun and laughs this ain´t for you. There is very brief gore, I think its digital fx but I can be misstaken. There is brief female topless nudity in a scene in the beginning of the movie.
This review is based upon a online screener provided by Shawn Burkett.
Rating: 6 out of 7. I enjoyed this. When I started viewing Bludgeon I thought that I knew what kind of flick I had before me but I was wrong which was a pleasant surprise.  It´s a well made small flick. I can imagine that some viewers might be disappointed with the lack of gore and nudity but Bludgeon does delivers the atmosphere and creepiness that we crave and long for and I loved those nighttime scenes where there characters are literally surrounded by darkness.


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