Sunday 24 March 2013

Dvd review: Mutilation Mile (2009)

Inspired by true events that took place sometime in 1993, Jimmy (Paul Dalleluche) & Jack DeGrasso (Lawrence Bucher), two brothers, went on a blood soaked killing spree of vengeance, for two days. They killed over 17 victims, being active around the clock. Fueled by revenge & cocaine they slaughtered street thugs, hookers, addicts, and drug dealers to find the murderer of their uncle Sal. Mutilation Mile is written, produced, directed, shot and edited by Ron Atkins. I find it hard to comment on the acting as the odd and excentric characters are either a hit or a miss with the viewer and I did have some problems with it but I guess their behaviour can be attributed to being high on cocaine. There is a huge amount of shouting and yelling and it seems to be some kind of competition to say the word "f*ck" as many times as possible. The flick is a bit confusing and I found it pretty hard to keep track on things. Despite a pretty high pacing I found it to be pretty boring, the characters mostly run erratically around and screaming their lungs out while raping, torturing and killing people. It has a nice gritty look and I love the soundtrack. Mutilation Mile is very violent , some scenes are graphic but actually there isn´t very much some gore but this flick is brutal and some scenes are not for the squemish. The make up fx is cheap, the fx "high light" is a scene of graphic genitalia mutilation that is really nasty! There´s quite a bit of T & A in this, but beware that the nudity is strongly linked to scenes violence and rape that is sure to offend the politically correct and squemish.
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This review is based upon the region all (region 0) DVD release from Atkins entertainment
Rating: 3½ out of 7. What I like about Mutilation Mile is that it is no holds barred and it dares to go its own way. But it´s a confusing and messy flick and not in a good way. All the yelling and the overuse of the word f*ck gave me a freakin headache. This is definitely not for all tastes. I will be reviewing more of Ron Atkins work in the near future.


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