Sunday, 19 May 2013

DVD review Empire of Ash III (1989)

From the ashes of Armageddon healthy survivors struggle to outrun a band of survivors infected with the great virus, The spread of the virus is relentless and like in the great plague many will suffer - few will escape its touch. The surviving souls cling to life by constant transfusions of fresh blood from uncontaminated victims. In their lair of the afflicted no one is spared, To survive you need an army... The afflicted must be eliminated to ensure an uncontaminated world. They turned America into a wasteland. Empire of Ash III is written by John Eyres, Chris Maruna, Shane Kennedy and Lloyd A. Simandl. It is directed by Lloyd A. Simandl and Michael Mazo. The acting isn´t very good but Melanie Kilgour is pretty decent as the survivalist Danielle, the bad guys are led by William Smith who plays the same character that he usually does. The camerawork and editing is decent.  The soundtrack isn´t very good. The pace is pretty good. There are some unintentional comedy but there is also are some silly/wacky intentional comic relief reminiscent of the Porky´s (1982). There are lots of action and there doesn´t seem to be any shortage of guns and ammo in the post-apocalytic USA as there are a lot of guns in this, a lot!! And there are no airsoft guns in this, instead we have real guns or blankfiring versions which is nice to see!! But, sadly, most of the action is badly staged and are reminiscent of David A. Prior´s shoot 'em up flicks in which any kind of realism goes out the window. There are some glitches in continuity now and then. There´s brief gore as a cannibal gets killed by a trap and a few squibs but most of the kills are bloodless. There´s quite a bit of T & A in this, it´s provided by Melanie Kilgour and several other actresses.
Empire of Ash III is also known as Last of the Warriors, The Bronx 2001
This review is based upon the UK region all (Region 0) DVD release from 23rd Century that has the title Empire of Ash which is kinda confusing.
Rating: 1½ out of 7. I enjoyed this, it isn´t very good or even especially entertaining but there is plenty of action and nudity and I have a soft spot for the Post-apocalyptic genre The running time is good and it doens´t overstay it´s welcome. Now, I´m hoping to get ahold of Empire of Ash I which apparently is also known as Empire of Ash II. To conlude this review, if you are a fan of B-Movie action and/or of the Post-apocalyptic genre then you should check Empire of Ash III out.


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